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Agnes Scott College

Zaria Dyer

If there is a way that we can get back our priority seating at the front two tables, that would be great. I feel as if the tables next to the women's bathroom get less foot traffic than the tables by the elevator (this may just be personal opinion.)

Gave 1.50 hours on Nov 14, 2018 with Agnes Scott College
Val'Dazia Todd

It was great to hear about what My Sister's House is about and know that Agnes is always trying to help others.

Gave 0.50 hour on Nov 14, 2018 with Agnes Scott College
Ja'lina Ghani
Sydney Snow

The Scottie Cheerleaders hosted a cheer clinic with Ebster Recreation Center. We taught a few girls some of our cheers and jumps, and they taught us some cheers that they made up. At the end of the time, they performed what they learned for their parents.

Gave 1.50 hours on Nov 10, 2018 with Scottie Cheerleaders
Hannah Williams

Planting trees in this neighborhood made me appreciate the difference that just a single tree can make on a community and the environment.

Gave 3.00 hours between Nov 4th and Nov 4th, 2018