STEM Lab Clarkston Campus



The STEM Lab at Clarkston campus is located in CC1180. This space is open to all perimeter students for co-curricular and extracurricular activities. 

The STEM Lab has many resources including 3D printers, Robotics Kit, Computer Stations, White Boards that are free to use. Further, faculty are available for advising and tutoring.

The STEM Center at Clarkston opened to students at the beginning of Fall 2017, is designed to provide students easy access to co-curricular resources like peer tutoring, faculty support, course technology, and workshops.


The center is conveniently located in the first floor of the C building (CC 1180), which hosts many of the science labs, and classrooms, thereby providing co-curricular resources in close proximity to existing academic spaces.


The STEM center provides a number of resources for students and faculty to help support and enrich students’ academic experiences. The resources available in the center are

  1. Collaboration stations
  2. White boards
  3. Touch screen projector
  4. Computer stations
  5. Printer
  6. 3D printer
  7. Robotics kits
  8. Electronics kits
  9. Soldering kits

All resources were free to use by faculty and students of Perimeter College. Technical support for using 3D printers was provided by student assistants and faculty volunteers.


The STEM center is open to students only during posted faculty office hours. STEM faculty volunteer to host office hours at the STEM center during the beginning of the semester, these hours are posted on the STEM lab door for students.

If you have further questions about the STEM Lab, contact Dr. Reddivari ( 

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