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A Story of Public Service Monique always knew that whatever career path she chose, it had to allow her to have a positive impact on her community. She decided that being a lawyer was the way she was going to do it. After graduating Emory Law school, Monique worked at the Fulton County Public Defender’s Office where she served low income citizens accused of serious crimes. Monique fought vigorously to protect the rights of hundreds of indigent Georgia citizens. It was during her time as a public defender that she saw firsthand the failures of not only our criminal justice system, but our educational and economic policies as well. After being dissatisfied with having her hands tied by the limits of what could be done at the courthouse, Monique decided she needed do more to advocate for social justice for all. In order to change the policies she felt continued to fail so many Georgians, she needed to take her advocacy to the gold dome. Count on a Fighter Like Keane!

Equal Access to Education: You can Count on Keane to fight for the best education for our children. Too many schools and too many of our children have been underfunded and undervalued. Fully funded schools are central to ensuring that all our children have equal access to the best education possible.

Smart Criminal Justice Reform: You can Count on Keane to fight for the smart criminal justice reform that our community desperately needs. Ending privatized prisons, stopping the school to prison pipeline, and creating re-entry solutions for ex-offenders are top priorities for Monique.

Assistance For Seniors: You can Count on Keane to fight for property tax solutions and expanded healthcare solutions for seniors. No senior should be taxed out of their home. No senior should be struggling to pay for the healthcare they require. As the jewels of our community, Monique will fight to make sure that they are not overlooked.

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We are 9 days away from Election Day and we have lots of opportunities to support Monique Keane for Ga House District 89!

Early voting has started and we are in need of volunteers to help waive signs in support of Monique at the following polling locations: 1) 2015 Delano Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30317 and 2) 4380 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA 30032.

Additionally, we are still canvassing on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays to engage in face-to-face conversations with voters in efforts to share Monique's platform and goals for the District.

If you would like to support Monique and volunteer, click on the links below to sign up for upcoming opportunities.

T-shirts and snacks will be provided to all volunteers.

If you believe you are too far to help with canvassing or sign waiving, you can support Monique by calling voters using the virtual phone bank. Please contact Kayla Kudratt, the Volunteer Coordinator, directly at or 678-458-8063 if you plan to assist with the phone bank.

Thanks for your continuous support to help build this campaign for the future of District 89! I look forward to meeting you at one of our volunteer opportunities!

Best regards,

Team Monique