Youth Empowered Solutions Inc.



Youth Empowered Solutions Inc., a  501- C3 that is located in Oxford.Ga.

Two Remote Community Service Volunteer Positions:


1. Social Media Analyst

2. Marketing and Research Specialist

Vision -is to provide valuable online information 24/7 to the students, and parents to leverage their ability to compete for scholarships, summer programs and gain access to other other resource.

Impact: Enable all teens to compete in for opportunities in the Global Economy.

We currently are for looking for talented college volunteers that can be part of a team to develop informational blogs that deliver content on Careers, Scholarships, Programs, Summer Programs, Parent Information and other youth centered information that would be valuable for teens.

Our mission is to provide the youth access to the information, resources, technology and business professionals that will enable them to become successful.

Our vision is to become best online information provider for teens available 24/7 to level the playing fields for all teens regardless of race, geography, religion or sexual orientation.

Social Media Analyst expand the online presence, the reach of existing programs and


information services for teens and parents using Social Media. This is accomplished


by integrating social media, understanding functionally of various engine and blogging


into Youth Empowered Solutions, Inc. (YES) brand identity. They are team players,


but are able to perform independently.


Job Description


Skilled knowledge of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


is essential in this internship. Social media analyst will be responsible for creating and


maintaining the presence of social media sites, which include Facebook, Twitter,


Flicker and Pinterest, as well as any YES blogs and websites. They also monitor


emerging social media tools to see how they can be incorporated into YES's business,


marketing and public relation strategies.




Social Media Analysts use their creativity to help generate brand awareness, and


promote teen participation through the social media networks. Analyst will study


popular social media platforms, identify and apply emerging social media tools and


monitor how often those platforms and tools are used.


Analyst will study how social media will work best for YES. Reports will be written


on results to identify available strategies and possible problems. Analyst must have


strong analytically skills enabling them to interpret social media and other online data


to react to issues and other concerns that may affect or to enhance the YES image.

The Youth - Non Profit Marketing and Research


Internship will be responsible for researching, and providing current information on


scholarships, Youth Programs, Youth Summer Programs, Internships, and Parent


Information for the "YES Monthly Blogs". In addition they will assist to recruit


participate in developing the "YES Teens Discussion Board". This is a remote


position that can be accomplished from any location. They will be team players, but


must be able to perform independently. Yes Inc., is a Matrix Management


organization. This position is ideal for a college student that needs experience and


community service on their resume. A minimum of one semester or six months


is required to be considered.


Job Description


Must have passion for providing Youth the best information for them to become


successful. Skilled knowledge in researching and summarizing information from


multiple sources ( social media, publications, interviews, internet, etc.). The successful


candidate must be able to analyze, summarize, prioritize and make a determination


of the value and relevancy to the target audience.


Time Required ( Flexible)


Time Required: This position should only require three to five hours per week. All


staff is responsible to attend or review a monthly weekly cadence meeting. the staff


member should also periodically review the YES Wunderlist.

Contact: Ron Gardner, 678-863-7618, email-

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